When we started our company, Raven Aircraft Maintenance AB, we required a competent and professional company to handle our accounting needs. Plus a company that we could consult with in regard to growing our company in a sound and constructive way.

We required a company that had extensive experience with Swedish and EU tax rules and company rules.


Scherdins Redovisning and Konsultbyrå in Åsele came highly recommended by acquaintances and other local businesses.


So, from the the inception of our business, Scherdins has been with us the whole way, offering sound and concise information when required. As we are an international company, so this brings its own challenges. We operate often with unsociable hours but may require answers regarding contract issues or accounting questions from our customers promptly. Scherdins are always there to provide answers when needed


When you arrive at the office there is always a warm welcome and a smile from the friendly owners.


Their professional attitude, and all round consulting in regard to helping us grow our company is outstanding.


As CEO of Raven Aircraft Maintenance AB, I would not hesitate to recommend Scherdins Finance Group AB to any new start up or existing companies that require first class expert professional accounting and business planning.

With Mona , Karin and Carlos, you will always be in good hands.


As we at Raven grow, we hope our partnership with Scherdins Finance Group AB will grow.


With our finest regards


Huw Leonard


Raven Aircraft Maintenance AB